Never A bad Hair day...

                                       Meet Maartje..

                   My childhood sweetheart..my doll !

I wasn't what you call in dutch -een poppenmoedertje- translated..-I didn't play with dolls- ..I was not a mommy.........I played -library- with Maartje..or we were going on a trip around the world..Playing hide and seek because there were monsters in the closet..and the floor was Lava..She was like a mini me...drawing together..painting...reading..gazing at the clouds laying in the grass on a summers-day..all very happy memories..I also loved Maartje's HAIR..It was the smell..I buried my nose in it when we would go to sleep together..to be sure to dream wonderful dreams..

For a long time Maartje lived in a box...how awful...She had to wait for years and years to come out ..
It was not until my first granddaughter was born before she saw daylight again..It was a shock..how the world had changed..
Maartje and my granddaughter became friends..and later in years also with my other granddaughters..I have now FOUR...
Four girls can sometimes be a bit of to much for an old girl like Maartje and a sad accident happened..In an outside adventure in the wilderness ..she lost both of her arms...:(
Question...could  I fix this..could grandpa fix  it...because Maartje was now in a terrible state.!
OK...grandpa to the rescue..taking Maartje to the doctor..on his bike..(because grandpa is a cyclist..fit to climb the Mont-Ventoux) !

Just one little detail..

        Maartje was wearing nothing but her underwear..
                         well..in Amsterdam anything goes..

Its possible I shared this story before..with you or with some other kindred spirit..
Its about the importance of sharing memories...and how they can transport you....Like Maartje's hair...into sweet childhood days..

Thank you MAPI ...you are always an inspiration..
(and thank you- never a bad hair day- Maartje :)



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

teeeeheee.....THAT SONG!!!!!!! Yes, I've got all of those things TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE this story about your dolly. Again, just like you, I played with my imagination the most. I had dolls. But I was never a "mommy" to them. I taught them as well; they acted out in many a drama (after I saw how other children played with their dolls and dressed them up, I thought I was strange for using them in plays!) and my favorite doll was a BOY doll named George. When Ruben and I moved out of state, I gave George to a friend to keep for me, one of very few things I kept. She lost him. Then years late, she wrote me and said, "Guess who I found in my garage....GEORGE!" She mailed him to me from California to Boston. WHEW! I now have him and I when I hold his rubber body in my arms (he has rubber hair), I smell the memories. I smell the hot summer days and the grass upon which I'd run with George, holding him by his rubber hand, pretending he was my brother. Like you, the grass would be hot lava and the trees in the garden became jungle foliage through which we'd scope out our enemies and seek shelter from whatever monster I created.

Oh the memories, kindred spirit! AND....I LOVE that your man drove his bike into town to take Miss M. to hospital. And she had no shame in her sous-vêtements. No, not her! tehehehehhehee

donna baker said...

Oh Dutchess, Maartje has the best head of hair I've seen in a doll. Especially since she's only 20 years old;) My doll, Peggy, had hair that stood on end; there was nothing you could do to style it. It was like a horse tail's hair. Sounds like a wonderful childhood.

Daniela said...

Thank you Dearie for sharing your loving memories, you're truly a kindred spirit !
I think we all treasure our dolls recalling to our memories the wonderful golden days of our childhood, blessed be !

Wishing you a most wonderful remainder of your week,
I'm sending hugs and love to you


Mapi said...

Oh Lieverd wat een mooi verhaal. Zo leuk om te lezen en wat een geweldige herinneringen. Ik heb na het plaatsen van mijn kinderfoto op instagram ook meteen Anne tevoorschijn gehaald, ze zit nu tijdelijk in de woonkamer en heeft ook al heel wat meegemaakt, maar weet je de oudjes doen het nog best, Love you !! xxx

^.^ said...

I had 3 dolls, when I was young ... 1) Claudia ... she was stolen and never to be seen again ... 2) Suzanne ... she was literally loved to pieces and then buried ... 3) Lola ... a black beauty, who lost her hair to me trimming it a bit too much ... sadly I lost sight of Lola because my family was moving places much ... All I have left is my 2 real life "dolls" ... Mary and her awesome husband Michael and Paul and his lovely wife Leanne ... smiles ... Love, cat.

Angela M. said...

I just found your blog and was delighted to see you are Dutch too. My favorite doll is named Wiesje and she lives in my bottom drawer until my grand-daughter is older. Wiesje is named after the doll in the Nutricia kinder boekjes. Not sure how old you are but perhaps you remember them. :)

Margarida Elias said...

I loved this story! Thank you!