And its the last one in this month..
                Didn;t it just fly by..!

                          In my garden August arrived..
       The morning-light finds my garden silent..
                      Can't believe July is ending...
                                   ..we have to say goodbye..



Mapi said...

Dat realiseerde ik mij vanmorgen ook Dearest ...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I will not say "good-bye", but rather, "see you again next year" - remembering that as swiftly as it unspooled, it will be back in a flash. There will be so much to watch and rejoice over, and in January (there will be new life!!!!)

But it was a fantastic summer, wasn't it, dearest? I just looked at my school email this morning and I go back on August 24 for my first meeting. I need to gear up my strength for a busy year from September to June.

So then, let's make this a slow, "See you again next year."

donna baker said...

Love the sunshine twinkling. I must have sun. I need to plan for next years' plantings.

^.^ said...

Have said good bye to many other Julys ... and said hello to many Augusts ... and will continue to do so, friend D ... Love, cat.