And there they go..
Little people on big adventures..
(they are now traveling the world)

It will be very silent in my cottage..
see you in a while darlings..
Thank you for these marvelous summer days..

Lots of time for myself now..
so I went on a hike..

And what did I find..

                                A sign that said it loved me ;)
                                Now..How's that for a Monday..



Susan said...

How absolutely wonderful to find this sign!
Thank you, also, for sharing another enjoyable video from YouTube.

Mapi said...

Oh hier wordt je toch gelukkig van xxx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ohhhh, how I'd love to find a sign like that. But, I think the "signs" in my life don't exactly say "I LOVE YOU" but express the sentiment in other ways. I have to learn to read those words....

I WISH YOU much peace and creativity in your bird's nest dearest!