Halloween..(and a Hidden Pumpkin adventure)


There we go then....click for music..and we are of ..
                                                         ....into the Pumpkin Forest..

                                             ..follow the Pumpkin trail..

                                                   Don't get lost...

                      They are playing hide and seek..

                                                          This way..

                                         ..to the Pumpkin Manor..

                        .. this is it..

                                                Yes i know...Its spooky...

                                   And now we must ask to enter..

                          To celebrate a Pumpkin party..

                               xoxo   Happy Halloween..;)
                  ..for more Halloween spookiness go ..HERE...!!!! The Pumpkin on the Hilltop..


Jeanne Caron said...

Thanks for all you share

Mapi said...

Trick or treat .....
Geweldig !!!

^.^ said...

Halloween scares me and I do not understand the purpose of being scared and enjoying it, friend D ... Anyway, love, cat.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest I am SO LATE for this spooktacular event! My Halloween was spooky enough, however. I had a pain in my hip that made it almost impossible to move. I had to go to a dinner at the university to honor Ruben and his colleagues, and I had to be CARRIED IN by two men, into the dining hall! I then had to be in a wheelchair get back to my car in very cold temperatures. Spooky indeed, but as always, I am learning to face those dark and frightening things straight on. Oh what a lovely and magical post you have created, in The Dutchess style that we all love. HUGS TO YOU ALL!