Peace of mind..

                                   weather wise I mustn't complain..
                                          but I am searching for a place to cool down..
                                                     and to hear myself think
                                               ..this would be perfect..

                     Be at peace with yourself dear reader and friend..be at peace..



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH YEAH! Peace. That's all I want. It's a mystery this peace; it does come from within. To unlock it, we must stay still, don't we!

Dearest sister, I hope that your bird's nest cools off enough for you to settle into it, fluff up your surroundings, then unleash that peace within you.

The whole country here is HOT. We escaped the humidity yesterday that was in the forecast, but instead, we got rain. At least the plants are happy!

Peace to you lieve zuster!

Marcia said...

Yes. Yes.
And to you, dear writer and friend.

Anonymous said...

Fijn weekend lieverd be at peace ...


^.^ said...

I love Theresa Brewer … have a very old LP of hers and play it on my record payer … scratchy sound and all … Much love, friend D. Always, cat.