Strawberries and lavender..
in abundance...
And at dusk my garden smells like lavender heaven..
but I worrie about my apples..
count them every day..
The Pear tree is strong..so happy about that !
My raspberries are gone...the birds eat them..
can't blame them because with this heat they struggle to survive..
the soil is hard and dry..
no worm to be found.
so they are welcome to it..:)
The grass is no longer green but yellow..
Many blackbirds visit my garden..for water..
The very VERY big Catalpa tree is now a home for feathered creatures
and a cool shady spot for me..

we are  counting..apples...and Summerdays..
Here's some Summer soft Music..



^.^ said...

Lovely song by Stevie … Thank you, friend D. I researched the catalpa tree a bit, since I've never heard of it … What a beautiful tree … flowers look like orchids … Love, cat.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest.....yes, in this life, counting the rhythms is what we do; during my summer vacation, I've tried not to count. But the clock of the season is doing it for me, with an alarm set at the end of this month to remind me to get back to BIG meetings, classroom preparation, and the memorization of many little names by which I'll be calling out sweet souls to count their numbers, learn their geometry, explore the wonders of pre-algebra, etc....but for now, if I'm going to count, I simply want to count the stars....