Like spring..

Its like the buzzing of bees..
Its like dancing daisies in a meadow..
Its like blossoming and reaching to the sky..like there is no limit..
Its like the fluttering of a butterflies wing..

Children are like Spring..
When the world begins again..
(and it takes courage to start something..)


Picture.."Mother with her child bathed in sunlight, sitting in a meadow" by Edward Steichen, 1906. 


Mapi said...

Mooi .....

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning dearest Dutchess...

I truly believe in spring and all that it stands for. We are currently under a serious and HUGE snow blizzard but the frustrating part is that school is not canceled! I have to drive to school this morning through this terrible condition of weather! I will think of all that is involved in making spring possible, like rain showers and for us, snow.