Adventures in my own Backyard

Play..(headphones would be lovely)

          Come with me and enter my Backyard....

        Its a rainy day..

           Sweet summer rain...

Don't need an umbrella..

...love the dark green ..

        and the light through the leaves..

       Its simple..

A little stroll..
to ease  your soul..

      ... strawberries to find..

            And  friends of all kind ....who come visit..

                     So good to see you here....

    ...take shelter if you need it..:)

                                Wishing you a lovely day..

Pictures by The Dutchess and Company.



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I have my headphones on.
I am taking shelter, because I need it. I need it from the world outside that argues and doesn't listen; perhaps those voices need to listen to the rain in their own backyard, to listen to the beating of their own music.
I have my notebook with me today, to write of the special moments like THESE, with friends, sisters, like you.

Dearest, this summer, I have discovered "My Own Backyard" and the JOY that has come from that, in spite of having a very sad neighbor who has given us trouble, has been a joy that can only be made and kept safe from the inside.

Thank you dearest for this very special view of YOUR own backyard where I know I'm always welcomed.

Jeanneke said...

Heerlijk, zo'n tuin, dear Dutchess. Een waar lustoord. Graag zou ik er een keertje van komen genieten bij jou, maar ik denk dat het lastig en te ver reizen voor mij is. Helemaal nu ik gemondkapt in het OV moet....
Dus doe ik het via het wereldwijde web in blogland; minstens zo heerlijk.


^.^ said...

❤️ cat.

Mapi said...

Wat een prachtige tuin Dearest, heerlijke plek !

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess,

I can feel the love of your garden in these beautiful photos...
Thank you so much for sharing, and the lovely music.
Hope this note finds you and yours well.
Blessings, dear friend. You are in my thoughts.
Penny and Bebe

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Miss Moussie! Put away your umbrella and come to Nowhere; Bebe has invited us on a balloon ride!