Follow Your Road

Watching....Waiting....and hoping..... 

 Slowly we are getting back to the new normal..How are you doing out there ? 

 I am picking up the pace..:)

Following the road...XXX



Jeanneke said...

Aaah, Dear Dutchess, zo goed jou weer hier te zien.
De weg die ik moet gaan, heeft zich onlangs duidelijk afgetekend; geen kwestie van kiezen voor mij, maar van beslissen. En ik heb beslist. Ben een gelukkig en tevreden mens.
Nu tijd voor rust, ruimte, vrijheid; in huis, hart, leven en welzijn!


Susan said...

I absolutely love your posts and you pick out the best music!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Dutchess,

Good morning! The blog looks totally different! Your "vehicle" carrying your wonderful talents may look different but your spirit and creativity will shine ever so brightly for me. We are back on the road again, aren't we! I will be on the Instagram road and will not be "driving" on the blogging trail in about a month....but I will be "hitch-hiking" here on Blogger to only follow YOU. I look forward to see where your road leads us both.