Holding hands

"Hand in hand,
with fairy grace,
will we sing,
and bless this place.

I love.. holding my daugthers hand..

(on the playlist -mother and daughter march)


Pam said...

Beautiful post.Brings back memories of a little fat pudgy hand in mine. Now it is arm-in-arm shopping and the mother/daughter march music would be a perfect background for that too!!

Laure said...

dutchess, the hand that i once held onto was full of the remnants of boyhood curiosity. my how i liked going back to that time just now.

Artwork by Christi Bunn said...

My daughter, now 11, doesn't always want to hold hands while we're in public. But she still likes to snuggle when we're home... and for that I am thankful.


Blue said...

I too always held with my mother as child, then we went armin arm.
And, holding hands with my ex-love was important - miss that now1