Stepmother: Well, Cinderella, I see no reason why you can't go to the ball... if you get all your work done...
Cinderella: Oh, I will.
Stepmother: And, if you can find something suitable to wear.
Cinderella: I'm sure I can. Oh, thank you, Stepmother.
[she exits]
Drizella: Mother, do you realize what you've just said?
Stepmother: Of course. I said, IF.

on thye playlist- The work song- Cinderella


Blue said...

IF, is one of those words that just hangs in the air...

My first blog was called 'If only, if Only...'

GrandmaK said...

Enchanting! Thank you! Cathy

Blue said...

Hi again!

In response to your comment re my Odd Shot of a my poor wrist...
Last Aug. I pruned my Butterfly bush after it died off due to flooded roots - the final bough snapped & flung me onto my concrete pavement ...
I impoundeed by wrist @ a 90o angle - had to have it operated on & pinned back into place, hence the grafic pic.
After physio, it's now fine.

I'm sorry, my blog is just not as visually pretty as yours.


Pam said...

Ooo...ta da!!