I love....

Rosie,from Corners of my mind,had a lovely post yesterday about 50 Things she loves!
This inspired me to go and make 50 posts(no,not every day)posts about something I love.Its so important to cherisch beautiful and wonderful thoughts,things,feelings, memory's,etc.
Please, lets stay "at the bright side of life".....HOW ABOUT YOU..
So (nr 1)...I love.... fountains in the summer..This one can be found At Chateau De Versailles.
I quess ,in case of fire we can summon this water spitting Dragon..

(at the playlist..how about you Judy Garland)


Charm and Grace said...

And I love... your gorgeous blog! Glorious fountian at Versailles. I have been reading your blog for about a month now. Quite a bright spot in my day. Your link is on my favorites at Charm & Grace Cottage. Just thought you should know.


acornmoon said...

I love Judy Garland and fountains and your bog! Joyous visit, will be back soon.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh dear Dutchess, Christi is a dear friend of mine and I am so pleased she has looked you up and fell in love...I told her she would:)
The fountain is wonderful! I am from Augsburg Germany and we are known as the city of fountain!
Tomorrow I will post a photo you might like to see:) since you inspired me here today on your sidebar...