The Surprise...

Big surprise in the mailbox,thank you Barb from..Stamplicity..please go and visit Barb everybody....
In accepting this award, I agree to:
Display logo and link to who gave it
Nominate at least 7 blogs
Add links to those 7 blogs
Leave the nominees a message that they received the award...

Well,there we go..
Miss Peach,so happy i can give you this award...you are lovely..
Lauren, of Button Willow cottage..and of course to all the little ones..
Fern ,at Fern's Lake land for the enchanting pictures,truly magical...
The Three Ginger cats,for there adventures in a beautiful country..
Patricia,arts and crafts cellebration..Patternpatisserie
The Bookworms, from The Bookworm-blog,keep up the good work..
Pam ,one visit at Pam's Textilosophy Oz,and you kow this Lady has a way with Words..

You can find them ..in my Kindred Spirit list.....
(on the playlist..Vivaldi..)


Fern said...

How lovely! Thank you.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Many thanks for this your grace. You are so kind. The world here is full of baby animals, kittens, puppies and seal pups!
love from the gingers and jackie

Auberne' Rose Ancalimon said...


Auberne' Ancalimon @-`---

Storybook Woods said...

Congratulations to for your award and the winner. A wonderful list of blogs and so deserving Clarice

ButtonWillow Cottage said...

Oh thank you dear one! How kind of you to think of us here at ButtonWillow. You know that all those in the Small Dwellings so look forward to your visits...
Mr. Mole will be happy to display this award on his mantle (he can be so proud at times). And the rest of us will all privately congratulate Mrs. Rabbit for her tireless work at ButtonWillow--I'm afraid the beauty of ButtonWillow is mostly her doing you see.
And, so, off I go to happily do more of her bidding.
Hope you continue having a lovely summer my dear,
Mistress--ButtonWillow Cottage