nobody knows

No one can tell me,
Nobody knows,
Where the wind comes from,
Where the wind goes.

It's flying from somewhere
As fast as it can,
I couldn't keep up with it,
Not if I ran.

But if I stopped holding
The string of my kite,
It would blow with the wind
For a day and a night.

And then when I found it,
Wherever it blew,
I should know that the wind
Had been going there too.

So then I could tell them
Where the wind goes...
But where the wind comes from
Nobody knows.

Yesterday Fern told me there was a strong wind blowing in the Lakeland.Then i remembered this poem from The Pooh corner and also a sweet memory of flying a kite when i was a little girl..In holland the weather is windy almost every day,so Fern..lets go fly a kite..


Laure said...

hello. i was visiting Miss Pleasant at clickety-clack and your name intrigued me. finding this poem so early in my day is perfection. to read these words and not return to innocence is unfathomable.

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

How wonderful the feeling of air catching your kite and soaring to heights in the clouds. I used to make a newspaper kite as a child...our papers where very large and they fly well. I once made a tiny kite one half inch for my son.

Artwork by Christi Bunn said...

Beautiful. I do love that poem! I always say that the wind is like God... you can't see it, you don't know where it comes from or where it's going, but the evidence that it exists is everywhere. Hope you're having a great weekend (is it Sunday yet in Holland? Time zones confuse me!)


Barb said...

Oh, I love this poem and the accompanying painting.

acornmoon said...

There is something so exhilarating about flying a kite!

Tea Time With Melody said...

I just saw this at the bottom of your recent post. I love this picture and I have it in a large frame in my living room. I don't remember were I got it but it is one of my favorites.