I love to wander ..follow old roads in the country.This picture was taken about two weeks ago on a country walk.(And i am always very curious what's just around the bend)

(on the play-list Summer adagio Vivaldi)


Barb said...

What a lovely photo. Maybe it is the "not knowing" what is around the bend that peaks our imagination.
It reminds me of Robert Frost's poem . . The Road Not Taken.

breaths of the heart said...

I love these roads! I have my own photo very similar to yours on the way to my Grandparents home... it is truly a treasure of mine! I stumbled upon your blog and it is lovely!

this is my patch said...

This is just gorgeous. How lucky you are to have this walk. A wonderful photo. x

Kalianne@BygoneBeauty said...

What an enchanting country walk!