The Long Goodbye

When the leaves change collor,the days get shorter,and the nights colder,the fairies know that they have to prepare there journey to warmer places.In a very long meeting with the dwarves they tell them there concerns and worries and ask them to please take care of things in the forrest when they are gone. And then everybody gets busy ..packing and saying there loooong goodbyes. Of they go in a couple of days to find some sunshine,and they need it...the summer was wet and cold on the Hilltop .But who knows..better luck next year!
The Hilltop will be waiting, under Autumn leaves and Wintersnow..and when its covered with Daisies.. the Fairies will return!
(0n the playlist-Goodbye-Muppets)


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Or perhaps they just move inside. Under the beds, around the fireplace, behind the favorite chair...perhaps they're still around?

Gillian L. said...

That is a really beautiful story! A lovely thought to end my evening on. Thank you!


Barbara Martin said...

This is a wonderful blog, very soothing to tired nerves after a hard day. Thank you, and I will be returning just to savour the sweetness and good energy here.

Marja said...

Lovely story. I love fairies and the print is just how I imagen them Beautiful