Do come in...

Suddenly the door opened, and a woman as old as the
hills, who supported herself on crutches, came creeping out. Hansel
and Gretel were so terribly frightened that they let fall what they
had in their hands. The old woman, however, nodded her head, and said:
'Oh, you dear children, who has brought you here? do come in, and stay
with me. No harm shall happen to you....


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ooh, they had better think twice about entering, don't you think?!

I love the Autumn Flower quotation below! Lovely.

Charm and Grace said...

Oh that one always scared me so much as a child. I would often put things in my pockets just in case I would need to leave a trail somewhere. I love the kitten in the earlier post... very cute! And as usual your music choices are beautiful and soothing.


GrandmaK said...

Of all the fairy tales I heard as a child I think this one frightened me most. The animated Hobbit frightened my Marianne and Laura was frightened by Willy Wonka...I guess we all have our scary stories...This was good to share! Cathy

RoyalTLady said...

Hello there! check it out in my blog...Tagged!