Better then likely....

Papa," said the daughter, ''I've been writing a book."

"Have you, my dear."

"Yes, and l want you to read it."

"I am afraid, it will try my eyes too much."
"But it is not in manuscript; it is printed."
"My dear! you've never thought of the expense it will be! It will he almost sure to be a loss, for how can you get a book sold? No one knows you or your name."

"But, papa, l don't think it will be a loss; no more will you if you will let me read you a review or two, and tell you more about it."

She read him the reviews and left him "Jane Eyre." When he came down that evening to tea he said to his daughters:

"Girls, do you know Charlotte has been writing a book, and it is much better than likely!

Picture...A writers room..


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ahhhhh, the modulated parental approval, of the past. -wry smile- Methinks that's one old fashioned thing, I'm happy to see depart.

And I would be honored to be added to your Kindred Spirit list.

Aunt Amelia
"...Sleigh ride for snow nymphs"

Marja said...

Very modest but I think he must have been very proud