IIts.. a bad hair( Mon)-Day

A bad hair day is one of those days when nothing seems to be going right..well..just look at the bright side of hair..there is always A barber,even when he lives all the way up in Sevilla. Have to go to a party today...Hmm, a Wig could do the trick!


acornmoon said...

I know the feeling.

GrandmaK said...

What a wonderful way to brighten my day!!! Cathy

Fern said...

Hmm I seem to have a lot of those sort of days, especially at this time of year!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm one who also knows the feeling well! >,-)

And I've never seen kitty-cat wigs before. But they are certainly *fetching.* Especially the white one, in the photo. :-)))))

Aunt Amelia
"In the garden mystery glows/
the secret is hidden in the rose--"
~Farid od-Din 'Attar

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I just put mine up!

Marja said...

I have many bad hair days but this cat certainly hasn't He looks gorgeous

Tea Time With Melody said...

Now THAT is funny. Here it is, 10:15pm and I am just scrolling.....and then I start cracking up. This was GREAT!