What am I doing...I am a bit puzzled! Have to clean the house today because tomorrow a photographer will arive to take pictures of the Hilltop Hall...we are going to sell our house...We must be crazy.
A few weeks ago something happened what changed our live...a new job...not for me but for my Hubby......We have to move to a place where The Band plays..So....lets hope for the best ,keep your fingers crossed, selling a house in these crazy times isn't easy!
And then finding a new home as beautiful as The Hilltop...I don't know!!!
A new beginning..sharing new horizons..together!


acornmoon said...

I hope you find a new home fit for a dutchess.

Rosie said...

Oh, Duchess - I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Our home is for sale and has been for some time - so I know what you are going through:) Take care.

Heidi said...

I will keep my fingers crossed for you. We too are putting Cranberry Cottage up for sale. I know it is a worrying time but we said if 2000 homes are selling in Holland each week, why can yours not be one of them? Just keep thinking positive and keep dreaming of that wonderful new house that is waiting for you!

Hugs ~

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The courage to change keeps us young!! I am excited for you!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Oh my! How very beautiful Hilltop Hall must be! I followed the link, and just the path to it, is enchanting. I'd so love to see pictures of it, really. But I respect your desire for privacy. I'm not one to put lots of personal pics up, either.

I do so hope that this new happening, will work out to be wonderful for you both. And hope your present home will sell quickly, and you'll find a lovely new replacement, where you are going to be living.

Aunt Amelia
"... Sleigh ride for snow nymphs"

Marja said...

Good luck You will find a nice place again. Tell me were you are going

this is my patch said...

I do hope everything goes well for you. My best wishes. x