Gustave...the guest who came to dinner.

I visited the house of George Sand at Nohant...This picture was taken in the diningroom...Its a bit blurry but when you look closely you can see the name Flaubert written on the card next to the plate...One's many years ago Gustave Flaubert was sitting there at a dinner party to cellebrate the birthday of George Sand.In the 1860s Flaubert enjoyed success as a writer and intellectual at the court of Napoleon III. Among his friends were Zola, George Sand, Hippolyte Taine, and the Russian writer Turgenev.
George Sand And Flaubert shared a a wonderful friendship and the letters they wrote to each other are famous.

TO GUSTAVE FLAUBERT 1st January, 1869

It is one o'clock, I have just embraced my children. I am tired from having spent the night in making a complete costume for a large doll for Aurore; but I don't want to turn in without embracing you also, my great friend, and my dear, big child. May '69 be easy for you, and may it see the end of your novel. May you keep well and be always yourself! I don't know anything better, and I love you.

G. Sand

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was something like a time machine...Then I would place myself next to Gustave and George at that lovely dinner at Nohant...Do tell me where you would like to be when traveling in time was possible....


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ah! What a wonderful post my dearest...Gustave Flaubert is special to me...his writing is one of the first to teach me his beautiful language while I was studying. These fellows seemed to share the same gift we do in blogland, but when one finds a kindred spirit, the letters are so specially peppered with kindness and sincerity. If I could travel in a time machine, I too would go back to sometime in France, to meet Debussy and ask him how he came to write Clair de Lune. I will forever be grateful to him for writing that piece. Have a lovely evening dear one...Anita

Me said...

tijdreizen zou wel leuk zijn, maar denk je niet dat alles zou veranderen, dat WIJ alles zouden WILLEN veranderen? maar erover fantaseren is leuk toch?
Ik zou graag sissi of marie antoinette ontmoeten...

GrandmaK said...

Perhaps I would want to sit with Claude Monet as he painted from daylight to sunset. To watch the work evolve would be so exciting. Thank you!!! Cathy

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh my! You visited Nohant! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my!

Can you tell, I'm a fan of George Sand?

Could you please tell more, about your visit?

Aunt Amelia

RoyalTLady said...


Good to see you coming by my blog. YES, you are right... things happened for some reasons... unknown to us all.

I love your new blog "color" yet maintaining the "classic banner".

Marja said...

Oh how wonderful We visited the place on Mallorca were George Sand stayed with I thought Chopin
I would love to talk to Jung and many others

Tea Time With Melody said...

Time machine, now THAT is a post in itself. i would go back to England and wing my way into being a Duchess of something and have a grand old time!