A room with a view..

When you want to take a look inside the house of George Sand you can only do this by following a guided tour...that means stumbling with a group of(to many) people through the rooms of this beautiful little chateau.Ofcourse there is a lady who is giving useful information but this is only in frenche so not many people in the group could understand a word of what she was saying...I didn't mind because after reading so many books ,letters,and "The story of my life"by George I could give myself a tour....But woulnd't it have been lovely to wander the house just by myself ...maybe with some music played by Chopin in the background..On the first floor you can find the bedroom of George..looking out of the window you have a great view on a beautiful tree....She must of looked at that tree often while sitting at her desk writing..


MAUPRAT a book by George sand..

On the borders of La Marche and Berry, in the district known as Varenne, which is naught but a vast moor studded with forests of oak and chestnut, and in the most thickly wooded and wildest part of the country, may be found, crouching within a ravine, a little ruined chateau. The dilapidated turrets would not catch your eye until you were about a hundred yards from the principal portcullis. The venerable trees around and the scattered rocks above, bury it in everlasting obscurity;and you would experience the greatest difficulty, even in broad daylight, in crossing the deserted path leading to it, without stumbling against the gnarled trunks and rubbish that bar every step. The name given to this dark ravine and gloomy castle is Roche-Mauprat....


GrandmaK said...

He does paint a wonderful picture with his words!!! WOW! Thank you! Cathy

Carol @ TheWritersPorch said...

Now that is descriptive writing!

Rosie said...

I think that there always seems to be a special atmosphere in the homes of writers, artists, musicians etc. I think some of it comes from our own knowledge and appreciation of their work - this looks a wonderful place to visit:)

Marja said...

George Sand is a cover name isn't it. Her writing is like music You inspired me to read her work

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm finally getting to say thank you!

I've been intrigued by George Sand, but have not yet read enough, by her. I love to learn more about woman who have lived their lives, on their own terms. And she certainly did this.

I need to read more of her letters. Oh my, do I ever love the collections of letters, of famous people.

Aunt Amelia