Buttercup days..

“Buttercups and daisies, / Oh, the pretty flowers; / Coming ere the Springtime, / To tell of sunny hours.”
Mary Howitt

Don't count out the buttercups..they can sing too..

Have a happy sunny buttercup weekend...

On the playlist today..Buttercup songs..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

There is soooooo much joy in nature, it is endless, isn't it dearest? JOY TO ALL AT HILLTOP!

Jacoba said...

Hi Dutchess,
Funny, these singing Buttercups!
Plenty of buttercups along on my road and I am sure I will be rolling over in the clover and the buttercups this sunny weekend. I wish you the same!

ana said...

Funny. Good wekend!

Cobblestone Creations said...

How delightful! They were one of my favorites to collect as a child. And we'd hold them under each other's chins ~ a glow of yellow there magically told if you liked butter! lol

Thank-you again, Dutchess, for tickling sweet memories to the surface.

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I love that wee voice I hear in the background singing..