So happy that you are here at this first summerday...did you already make your plans for this wonderful season..I am planning to travel,on my blog, to some great holiday places all over this globe, come up and see me some time..

But first things first..I won't be posting as often as you are used to...I am working on my book..I will be visiting my family..I am going to prepare big summertime dinners in my garden..and there is my big old house on the hilltop that needs some serious attention..There are books to read sitting under the Lilacbush..and concerts to go to. Ofcourse its not all fun and games, there is also WORK. But I am going to enjoy summer to the fullest..Hope you do the same..
So...until we meet again..have a happy glorious summer..

On the playlist Summer music..

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Michelle Palmer said...

All of your summer plans sound so very wonderful...
Each season, to be celebrated!
Wishing you all those joys and many more~