Keep your dreams....

Look to your dreams

There's a need for them now
When the world has us down
Aren't you glad they're around

Once conceived, once believed fantasy's reality's childhood
And like a seed, visions need constant care like a child would, we should

Look to your dreams
We can still make the stars
We can still break the bars
We have built here on earth

Look to your dreams..


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Beautiful post and music Dutchess.. Where would we all be without our dreams. They are the magic in life.

ana said...

So beautiful and peaceful...
Thanks a lot!
May I use this wonderful poem into my bolg?

Ann Nichols said...

So true...so, I must stop blogging (which I love)and get back to work so that my dreams may come true (which I really really love)!! Thanks!!

Pres├ępio no Canal said...

:-) There is no coincidences. Yesterday, 10 October, I followed your advice and I gave one more step to my dream.
When the heart is open, it happens, right? ;-)
Have a great, warm and happy week!