Orange looks like blue..

When your feet feel like they're made of stone and your bones are full of lead
Muscles feel like they're galvanized and there's concrete in your head
When your blood flows like molasses, you can't add two and two
The top looks like the bottom and orange looks like blue.

Bring on the Choclate I need a Hot Choclate boost....

Now if you can keep a secret, just leave it up to me.
I'll take the funds and build us a chocolate factory..

Have a wonderful weekend...stay warm and stay happy..

Art~Mary Cassett.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YYEEEEEEOOOOWWW! Am I feeling this way lately! Teeeeheeee!!! Oh dearest, are we on the same page or what? How is Miss Moussie holding up to all the shenanigans at Hilltop? Go give little Elynn a hug and she will make Orange look like Orange and give you lightness in your step! HEY! I LOVED WALKING AND DANCING ABOUT WITH YOU IN OUR BOOTS! HOW ABOUT ONE MORE PROMENADE AROUND THE GROUNDS DEAREST......
Mille bises, Nita

GrandmaK said...

Love it!!!! Not just the picture, poem, but oh the song is terrific!!!! Wonderful! Cathy

Rosie said...

Yes, I definitely feel some of those - I'm very slow today:) Love the Mary Cassatt painting! Have a great weekend.

Marja said...

These words and beautiful picture make me feel heavy and ready for a hot chocolate