The day before the wedding..

The bride sings to her lover:

Broad were the leaves on the lofty tree—
Why came you not last night to me?
I wonder! But of course
Maybe you had no horse!
Maybe you lost your way!
Your mother made you stay?

Her lover replies:

I had the horse and the way I knew,
And my mother kept me not from you.

But my youngest sister loves you not.
She hid my saddle in some strange spot.

My oldest sister sought and found—
Swift on my horse’s back ’twas bound.

She whispered, “Try and get there soon,
Riding along by the light o’ the moon!

“In body brave keep a good head,
Brother o’ mine,” she laughing said.

“In Sweetheart Land there’s much to learn,
The road has many a curve and turn.

“Don’t lose your horse, don’t go astray!
Ride—ere yet dawns your wedding day.”

The Day before the Wedding
By Florence Randal Livesay

From “Slavic Songs”

- Art John Bauer.


Mapi said...

Ja morgen is de grote dag !
Getrouwd zijn.....een onopgelost mysterie voor mij !
De muziek is mooi , maar klinkt weemoedig !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, you ALWAYS find the best and most appropriate literature or poetry to go with the times! ARE YOU WATCHING THE WEDDING? I will be at school, and plus, we have no public TV access from home. We only watch movies on our TV screen! I SHALL GET MY CURIOSITY FIX from the Internet!!!! ENJOY YOUR LOVELY SPRING WEATHER TODAY!!!! Nita

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

So beautiful dear Dutchess... Sending blessings your way.