Blessed be....

In puzzling ours the answers are very close by..

A Fairy Blessed Me

Today a Fairy blessed me and danced upon these walls
Left a scent of roses as she beckoned to my calls
Gave me comfort, and wiped my tears
blessed my mind of all those fears
Touched my eyes so I could see
Whispered softly, "Blessed Be"

( Katie G. 1-28-05)

Art_Angela Barrett.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Need I say that YOU have always been that faery for ME?

For with your eyes that see so deep

My life has come to be

A faery tale free from fear

and now what it was meant to be.

Anita.....for the Dutchess

jose said...

Very Fairy and lovely. I Like it very much, Poeme and foto's.

Greetings Jose

Miss Sandra said...

What a lovely poem...and a most sweet image to go with it. xo!
Blissful Tidings,

Mapi said...

Prachtige muziek, beautiful image.
Sweet dreams

francis said...

I heard a lot about you from Anita . And now we have met ! I am a follower too !
When I was expecting my second child I had this friend who was also expecting her second child and to celebrate our wonderful news she made BESCHUIT_MET_MUISJES .
Ever since we surprised each other with mice-things . All kinds of mice-surprices . Many many postcards but we got very creative too . My first-born is now becoming a father himself this month ! Anita is now my new mice-friend . All the way over the ocean !
Wish you well .....