IIIIIts Monday..

There we go again....Getting up urly...rushing through traffic...did you forget to pack your lunch..or maybe you brought the box but there's nothing in it..Did you arrive to late..o dear..do you have to pick up the children from school..do your shopping..alphabetize your books...-etc etc etc..please...try to catch your breath...wait a minute...let me tell you THIS..you are doing a wonderful job..Let me give you a Monday hug..I'm proud of you..you are marvelous...Life is a very serious job...


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Teeeeheeee!!!!! That looks like me AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DAY! I get to work on Mondays to RUN from my classroom to the copy room to make oodles of copies for the spelling tests (100 of them) then I run to my class to prepare it...I do all this BEFORE the children arrive....whew! Oh what a wonderful message for this fabulous day my dear, dear friend...do you know what I read last night before I went to sleep? The lovely, special and handmade book you made me early last year.....what a treasure..and of course, a couple of tears came rolling down....sweet and precious is that gift....Nita

Mapi said...

Thanks dear Dutchess for the Monday Hug.
I made a few difficult phonecalls this morning.
Nu ga ik nog wat kaarten versturen, betalingen in orde maken en mijn flatje in het gareel brengen.
En dan straks naar mijn moeder !
Have a lovely Monday too.