There ought to be a way to combine "autumn" and "morning" into one word, the combination of the two is special enough to be its own entity..

The days on The Hilltop grow short...the dawn's misty and cold...but inside the house..there's warmth....A shelter from the first frost..come in dearest..and warm yourself by the fire..you are home..

Art-/1John-atkinson-grimshaw-Autumn-/2-Eastman Johnson.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh my dear one, I missed your last post.....I am too busy, too busy for my liking. But I am HOME..yes, I am HOME with you my dear and wonderful zuster. As I look at your previous and beautiful post, I remember how I was just thinking YESTERDAY about the first time I saw your drawings, the first conversation I had with the DIVINE MISS M., and how much I STILL tribute all my dreams come true in my creativity to YOU.

I am home.

I hope to "see" you????

I will try. AND when, only WHEN YOU HAVE A CHANCE, please email me at my new email. I lost all my contacts so I do not have your email address!



Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Beautiful post. Loved my visit this morning to your lovely site

Denise said...

As always enchanting my Dear.I enjoyed my stay with you-Thank you

Mapi said...

Heerlijke muziek.
Een warm plekje om even na te genieten van een fijne dag !
Happy Mapi

Josien said...

Mapi heeft gelijk!
En de muziek: een old-times favorite!!! Ik was verliefd en zestien, geloof ik. Nu ben ik net zo dol op de prachtige tekst bij je ozomooie blog.

FIJNE DAGEN, wanneer je ertussen uit bent,