Until we meet again..

Like I was telling my dear Hilltop friends yesterday...its time for a break...
Time for a little time out...

Time to say goodbye to my kitchen for a while...no cooking for about ten days...:))

I;ve been reading about this wonderful place I'm going to visit..and can't wait to get there..

Meanwhile...would you take care of my humble home...please visit as often as you like..There's lots and lots of food in the fridge..make yourself a hot cocoa..and put on some music...There are more then a hundred songs for you on the playlist..Enjoy!
I leave you now...with warm wishes for a wonderful time to come...Let your imagination run wilde..
I will be back from my adventure in about 12 days with new stories to tell......until we meet again...XXX

P.S..the key is under the mat...I believe the gatekeeper is fast asleep...

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Josien said...

Wishing you all you're longing for...

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh Dutchess....I will miss you so much. I have today and tomorrow off from work and I was planning on pestering you on Skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I have the memory of your smile and the sweet book you gave me several years ago, to remember the magic. I wish you a wonderful trip mijn zuster....hopefully, we can connect another time.

HAVE A BLAST and Tea Rat knows where the key is; I see Mozes is helping you pack YOUR VALISES!!!!!!


Mapi said...

Oh ik hoop dat ik nog op tijd ben !
Zal je erg gaan missen maar de muziek maakt een hoop goed !
Fijne reis en geniet van alles wat je toelacht !

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Dear Dutchess
We will miss you so... Enjoy your travels.. I will have Bebe check in over at Hilltop for you.. She can do a little dusting and will make you a pie for you, Mozes and Miss Moussie... She is making a brew over at Nowhere and will put a bottle aside for you.
Love and safe travels

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

My dear friend
I am making a MAGIC TEA.. One cup fills the heart with creativity, kindness, love and magic!..... so what ever you you would like to add, please do. I have essence of Cheese, Gouda potion, Green Tea potion and YAK! Maybe Mozes and Miss Moussie have something put away. You saw the bunny ear's!

p.s. Mum says thank you so much!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh, practical magic....this is a fabulous way to ENTER INTO THE HILLTOP; and Tea Rat is here with his dust rag to help out Miss M. with the chores while you are gone dear one...and he got a gulp of that POTION over at Nowhere! WHAT MAGIC....we will miss you so, Nita

Palomasea said...

Have a wonderful trip, dear Dutchess!

All the best,
- Irina

Les Trois Jardins said...

Have a wonderful time, Dutchess!
It sounds promising!


have a wonderful, magical time dear Dutchess :) i am very excited for you and am so looking forward to hearing of your adventures.
thank you for leaving us with so much beauty to admire here and how kind of you to offer hot chocoate and the most enchanting playlist i have ever heard! i will enjoy both, very much :)

warmest blessings to you xxx

MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh I came to wish you a happy spooky Halloween season dearest Dutchess...I have missed you and hope you will enjoy your time away...coming home is always the best!!!!

DILLY said...

Dilly enjoying cup of dragon tea!

Alina said...

Well...I just found You and I will stay,if You don't mind,for it feels good to be here.
I also wish You wonderful and safe trip and will be awaiting Your return for new stories...
Best to You !
P.S.Music is just magical!!!