A Mothers Day..

My father always said...every day is a mothers day..and he was right..even now....I can still feel the presence of my  mother, watching me.....
Wishing you a lovely mothers day out there on the globe..make it special..

'Mama'never forgets her birds,
Though in another tree-
She looks down just as often
And just as tenderly
As when her little mortal nest
With cunning care she wove'-
If either of her'sparrows'fall',
She 'notices', above.

Emily Dickinson.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My darling Dutchess,

Oh, you and I both have a love for our mommas that we can deeply understand. We both had to figure out life with them far from our reach, but I think that we both know NOW that they are no so far away.....they are in us. You are so wonderful my friend. Enjoy the JOY of having your children and grandchild near you and I just KNOW that they look up to you. I DO.

LOVE! Nita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Happy mothers' day my beloved friend! Nita

catkin tales said...

your soft and gentle words and music take me to a place that is like a mothers love.

wishing you a lovely mothering sunday xxx