Not bad...

Not bad at all....I started this blog in 2008....wow..and I;m still here..leaving little gifts for you to find...One of my favorite things to do...:)
Also one of my favorite things..and also a bit scary..Thunderstorms...we are heaving very strange weather on The Hilltop... we are expecting our first summerstorm...how marvelous... xoxo


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ooooooo.....take cover my sweet! WE GET PLENTY OF THEM and sometimes for us, we are given TORNADO warnings to tell us to go down in our basements!!!! But in your case, you may not need that! JUST ENJOY THE MAGIC OF THE ELECTRICITY flowing through the air and get cozy!!!! ENJOY IT and you have been around since 2008?????? ME TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh how I adore my Dutchess. Nita

Mapi said...

Hallo lieve Dutchess, je bent weer thuis.
Hier regent het dan weer wel en dan weer niet, buiten is het vochtig warm, een klamme deken zeg maar. Ben benieuwd wat het weer vanavond gaat doen.
Liefs en veel plezier met de make-over van je huisje ...