A day in November....

A fierce wind is doing its best to make the clouds race ...the trees bend...and the birds look fluffy...Leaves are dancing in a whirl of color...its a day in November....

I'm going for a walk...this little video shows you where I'll be walking..I love the nature that surrounds the place I live..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

My dearest zuster,

I am walking by your side, OH! I see a little creature, and I am not sure what it is; it has stripes, it is burrowing, but I don't think it is a chipmunk. Is it a little pig????

I see the fungi, the spider web, the sun shining through the trees. The deer are grazing and the mist is mysterious but the silence is playing music so gently. I am enjoying this virtual walk with you my beloved friend. Thank you for sharing your heart with me today. Tender hugs mijn hertogin, Nita

marilyn said...

I think I know now what heaven looks like.

fleur said...

Wat een mooi herfstfilmpje en wat een prachtige muziek ook!
Waar haal je toch altijd weer die mooie tekeningen en prenten vandaan....schattig herfstplaatje, hoor!
De muisjes zijn vast druk met alles voor de winter klaar te maken?
groetjes Fleur