Nothing has changed....

When I was a little girl I used to visit my grandmother on Sunday mornings...sitting in my grandfathers big old leather chair in front of the french doors I watched the birdies in the garden...quess what I;m doing today...yes..bird watching in an old leather chair in front of the french doors..now a grandmother myself...maybe my granddaughter wil come and sit next to me one day...time to let you in on a little secret..grandchild number two is on its way..its going to be a lovely spring.. like to watch the birdies....CLICK..
and there are some birdies hiding on the playlist too...wishing you a beautiful sunday...

Art-Birdwatchers Retreat Janet Kruskamp.

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I AM SO HAPPY that I cannot STAND TO STAY STILL! DUTCHESS! WHat a great story, what a great TRUE STORY! First of all, I can imagine you sitting in an over-sized chair, looking out at the birds. Now, I see you TODAY, looking out in HOPES of a new spring, a new LIFE. The little one will now have a cousin and the family is going to go on and on....we are DELIGHTED FOR YOU ALL and isn't it wonderful that after all of the new births, that WE MY DEAR, remain child-like in heart? There is no stopping us, no robbing of our minds or playfulness, is there?

I cannot wait to hear more about this exciting event....HUGS TO YOU and I loved that video of the boy feeding the bird!!!! LOVE TO ALL! Nita