Softly softly..

Softly softly...spring enters...I think she is following me in my tracks...

So she knows where I am when she will dress the forest in green.. 
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She will follow the raven.......

And the rabbit..

a little mouse even...which I do believe is kind of lost...
And a horse having fun...all on his own...
She will follow every track made on earth...or in heaven..
and when we  look up..to see her blue sky appear..we can feel the warmth of her sun..
we have faith that very soon this nest will be filled ..
                                                                         with hope..

Art-http://erwinsart.deviantart.com/Winter Sky


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Grand as ever, sweet Dutchess. Soon the earth WILL put on her velvet cloak of green, and the rabbit and mouse will yet again hunt for leaves and twigs to build their nests. I will be on spring's threshold, WITH YOU, looking out to see the wonder of it all. I SEE BUNNY tracks in my snowy garden now, looking very much like COWBOY BOOTS!!!!!! I know the bunnies are very anxious to start their families and get fat off the lush green grass and thyme that I grow in my garden!

Let us keep vigilant to welcome in spring, together.


Noelle the dreamer said...

Dear Dutchess, betwixt you and Nita's comment I am in awe! Rest assured, Dear Ladies, even here on the Pacific NW coast!

Jeanneke said...

Een beetje lente belofte, ook hier...
Als je binnenkort in Friesland bent, gewoon goed om je heen kijken, dan zie je al het moois dat er is. En die lege muziekschool waar je naar vroeg, staat bij mij om de hoek, in Dokkum.


Michelle Palmer said...


Tina W said...

Each leaves his or her own imprint in the earth
just as we do.
So endeavor each day to make make a beautiful one
just like you do here, dear friend :)

Mapi said...

My dearest Dutchess, you came to visit me, what a lovely surprise.
Take care, have a wonderful day !