Finish the race....

At first shocked..scared..confused...not knowing where to go....or what to do..

We now found our strength back..through the power of hope,and guided by our faith ...we are going to finish the race..

Wishing you a powerful weekend..

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning most precious one,

I MISSED THE WOLF POST YESTERDAY! HOw did that happen? We too have wolves and turkey that roam our neighborhoods! AND there was even a little black bear in someone's tree in the city of St. Paul, our "twin city" just miles from us! And if you want any more wolf GIFS (the moving pictures), I have some and can send them to you!

Dutchess dear, we had a HUGE snow storm that hit us yesterday and last night! I think I left so early that I had missed this post. Oh the trees are bending over from the weight of all the snow!

This is a powerful message of running the race, indeed. My dear heart, we both know that LIGHT OVERCOMES THE DARKNESS, doesn't it? Your choice of moving photos depicts the feeling of the incident in Boston, my "hometown" where Ruben and I went to school. Yes, there is a race to finish for all the families that have lost their loved ones, and we all have our race to complete. WE SHALL DO IT because we have the love of God to energize us to the end and.....EACH OTHER.

Much love and enjoy the beauty of the Hilltop! Nita