To pick the apples one by one..


 Acting or operating in a manner essentially independent of external influence or control:

There are now ways to scan your groceries yourself......there are now ways to feed your cat when your out...automatic...Money comes out of a machine. Food out of a wall...

So. I set the timer for the cat...get money out of the machine..do my shopping...and the scanning...take an  apple out of the wall before I drive myself home......and all this time I didn't have to speak or listen to anybody....In a while I will be an automaton..! .....
People are drifting apart from one and other and we are wondering why.. seriously

 ....Sad,  because I'm a girl who would like to pick her apples one by one.....
reads Dickens...
wants to live in Oz..
in a cottage with a vegetable garden
with roses
and an orchard..
I'm to romantic for this world
I believe in magic.
and in love..



Mapi said...

Me too !

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HERE HERE! I DO TO! And I agree that people are becoming detached from each other AND....from themselves.

Dearest, I was flying all morning long from Minneapolis to Los Angeles; I am here now, and check your email.

This post is a message that the entire world needs to remember. What if everyone just STOPPED to do an act of kindness and love...I wonder what would happen?

I just had to come by to check to see if you had posted because I did not want to miss your post!

Back in a few days....Nita