A story to tell..

Dear reader and friend....I'm back in town..! Ready for a new season...and there's lots to tell... See how my little friends came to visit me..they followed me south..and waited at my window...and now I know everything....
                  And if you want to know what they told me....just follow me...through Autumn


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Welcome home dear Dutchess!
We have missed you.. Bebe is asking every day, where is Miss Moussie.

Oh yes, I see all your friends followed you... How lovely..
blessings dear friend,
Penny and Bebe

Susan said...

Welcome back! I am ready to follow you through Autumn~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am here now, with precious Penny right above me...we have missed you, yes indeed my darling zuster! And I recognize this moment, and thank you for having it shared it twice, once with me, and here again.

You have much to tell, and we are here to listen. We've been thinking of you and knowing that you have left your mark on so many places, and all the little creatures (rats, mice, horses and cats, dogs and birds) are waiting to hear your stories.


Mapi said...

Yes, you're back !
Fijn ik heb je best wel gemist !
Heel veel liefs