Are we there yet...

                .. Because I really need to meet and greet..Spring...

“Come with me into the woods where spring is advancing, as it does, no matter what, not being singular or particular, but one of the forever gifts, and certainly visible.”

 ― Mary Oliver

*Please watch this adorable video full screen..I promise you won't regret it..:-) 

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Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

I am ready.

I have just one little bag with a change of clothing, and I am ready to hop on the back our your steed dearest Dutchess! I AM! We shall both greet Spring in our own languages! And for this VIDEO....OH! That snowman will soon not be able to escape the sunbeams that will strike and make way for SPRING MICE and adventurous creatures great and small to come out to sing, play and make the magic. What an adorable movie, done with all the old-fashioned handwork of animation....a dream of mine for years, since YOU woke up my imagination in NOWHERE.

OK my sister, we can do this. We can tackle Friday and move into our Valentine weekend as smooth as a little mouse on ice....let's DO IT!