A place you call home..

                                                                    A Boy..
                                 with sad maybe even angry looking eyes..
                                                             .. arms crossed,,
                                                                            .. serious..
                                                      Later in life he made this drawing

                                       View on a little church in Helvoirt..1874

                                     Its now..(somewhat different) my view also..

                                               The church had a rectory ..
                    This boy now grown into a (tormented) man..visited this house  ..
                            .. on  Summer holidays..
                                        for him..it was home.
                           Many family members of him lived (and died)in Helvoirt..
                                     ..a brother and three sisters..

In her memoirs, his sister Elisabeth recalls Vincent  (because that's the boy in the picture) being a serious, sensitive boy who preferred solitude to the companionship of family and friends and loved flowers, birds,

              So..he spend most of his time there filling his sketchbook  with pictures
                                             .. in solitude.

                     I find it a wonderful privilege to walk the streets Vincent did..
                                      He loved Helvoirt..so do I.



donna baker said...

Sounds like me.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest zuster,

So many great people of the artistic world came from Europe, and many of my favorites came from YOUR country. This was such a lovely post, with a spirit of great peace. You are fortunate to be able to walk these streets that whisper such history, and inspire you.

There is a great part of me as well that prefers solitude, in order to engage and participate with nature. I could do that for hours. And this summer, I did. But next week, the "show" of school begins, and I am a bit apprehensive. I will soon be "on stage" every day, "performing" and keeping up a high level of engagement with students. A very small but robust part of me enjoys that, but the majority of my maturing self prefers to keep things quiet now.

Enjoy the change of the season dearest zuster.

Mapi said...

Oh wat leuk, ik had al zo'n vermoeden ...