In pursuit of silence..

WE live in a loud world with loud people..
    To get away from it all I went on a trip to pursuit silence!
       ...The silence in where you can hear your own heartbeat..

I had almost forgotten how a silent world sounds like .

....... If you haven't seen see this documentary yet please do...Wishing you a quiet Friday..xoxo


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, I wish I could have more silence in my day. School is just the opposite. By the nature of my job, I have to be loud. I have to speak over cell phone distracted kids, I have to speak to a crowd of 30+ kids. I have to teach a language with sounds. Silence is not part of my responsibilities in the classroom. That is why when I come home to our cottage, I LOVE that moment. The only noise when I get home is the shout of sunshine in my kitchen. The song of the purple iris and yellow tulips in a vase on my table is a silent sound that I turn up to hear more silence. Yes, I crave it, and I look for it everywhere.

Mapi said...

Mooi, ik hou ook zo van stilte ...

Mapi said...

Lieverd ik wens je mooie dagen met Pasen en heel veel liefs en warmte.


^.^ said...

The video is awesome and so true, friend D ... in fact it made me cry ... cuz that's what I want ... silence ... (will seek silence as soon as I am retiring from my job) ... LOve you for posting this important message to us. Love, cat.