Not yet..

                    I hoped they'd follow me home..
                                  ..but they didn't arrive just yet..
                           ..every day now I search the skies..


Did you know this song was actually about a little swallow..it tells a story of a swallow flying into a household to sing of wealth that will come with the following spring...so true..Spring is all about new beginnings..and I feel like the richest girl on earth when I walk in my garden..I.m home dear friends..xoxo


Daniela said...

So glad to hear from you and to come and visit you is always such a delight, dearest friend !

Wishing you a joyous day, today,
and a blessed Easter ahead


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

DEAREST! You are home now! Do tell us about your travels when you can. I never knew that this song was originally about spring! Whatever the language, whatever the reason, music is the harbinger of new beginnings. Make way for the birds (I saw them yesterday already starting making their nests in the neighbor's yard!)

Little by little, gentle colors are popping up from the ground here! Yellows and blues dearest, SO BEAUTIFUL! It will come to you, spring will fly right into your cottage before you know it. Welcome home.

Mapi said...

Fijn dat je weer thuis bent en goed nieuws dus, ook heel fijn ! xxx