There are many words I could write today about this week ....(now almost tragic history) !
I choose not to because today I want to be free of worry and concern..make this day count !
...What a world what a world..:(

So..I listen only to children's voices...and make it rain on a tent..

wishing you a peaceful weekend..
we are having a heat wave..


Daniela said...

Actually there are no words to express the concern, the pain for the shames this year of ours is making living us ... We cannot do anything else than praying for all those destroyed families!

Wishing you a peaceful end of your week,
my Lovely Lady


^.^ said...

I know you are having a heat wave, friend D ... as my mama shewolf told me ... frost in early spring and now dry ... Love, cat.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest, HALLO!

I was in my garden all day yesterday, and all I heard was the song of some house wrens who were mating! Then they both went into the birdhouse. Then I heard some children pleasantly screaming, who evidently were jumping on a trampoline. The sounds of summer should be as such, and oh how my heart has been hurting to see the hatred that is more easily seen via our medias.....dearest, stay safe and yes, make this day count.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello dearest, just coming back to say, HAPPY MONDAY!

Mapi said...

Dat doet goed .....
Heel veel liefs, xxx