What's up your sleeve..

                           Its where I wear my heart..

Share your heart,
     ... and people who love the same will find you..

xoxo wishing you a happy weekend out there on the globe..


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh dearest, this is a great word for the day. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, but have been teased all my life for doing so. So what do I do? I have been covering it up, and the result is fear in writing what I really want to say.

Thank you for always being there, though you are far away.

donna baker said...

Love that Dutchess. Have never seen that. Hope your Saturday is special.

^.^ said...

Thanx 4 the fellow Canadian Neil Young song, friend D with a heart of gold ... Thank you ... Smiles ... Summer here now ... Will be fast and furious as always cuz by August it'll b all over ... So will put in my garden this Victoria Day weekend and hope for the best ... Smiles ... Love always, cat.

Mapi said...

Mooi ... xxx