About a Garden and a Table..

                     Please sit down at our garden table..
  You'r ever so welcome..
The last of summer-days have begun..
                       ..lets celebrate them..
Spend the afternoon..
    ..you can't take it with you..!

Like Summer ...We are unforgettable .. xoxo



Mapi said...

...and forever more in every way that's how'll stay ...


donna baker said...

So love the picture and the sentiments. And Nat King Cole too.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning, dearest!!!!!!

Yes, the last of summer vacation is starting to appear. The days are getting shorter, and the most unusual August has hit; it is cold and rainy and it feels as if school has started!

I LOVE this drawing; it reminds me of Nowhere, of Tea Rat and Rattus. I hope your back-to-school days of watching the children scurry off to school will give you much joy and will give you the opportunity to create once again. Thinking of you, always!

^.^ said...

Lovely post as always, friend D ... yes, summer is almost gone ... still lot's of harvesting and gardening to be done though ... Love, cat.