There is a conspiracy going on in my house...between all the contraptions using internet-WiFi-batteries-and what-not !

I remember days with just One button for  my TV/radio..alarm clock-light switch..etc..And now ..the time you have to spend to get things to work..really..!!
I would like to return to a more simple life..I think its more wise to eliminate the unnecessary ! Because..after deduction...WHAT is elementary dear reader and friend..
.............WE ARE...(or not)



^.^ said...

This post made me cry ... for joy, friend D ... having lived in the Canadian wilderness for 35 years now and existing by very simple means like gardening and rubber boots and raising grass fed life stock and snow suits and winter boots and cutting lumber for the wood stove to keep my family warm and fed ... seems romantic and wholesome, hmmm ... but it also means working hard and aging fast in order to stay alive a lil bit more, friend ... so my method of staying alive is to get away once a year ... which I just did ... smiles ... Come and see if you like, friend http://ckpeacemaker.wordpress.com/
Love always,

^.^ said...

Much love, friend D ... cat.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest one, hallo!

I must have left too early yesterday for work to catch this post. I agree with you; whether it's technology, work or LIFE in general, I truly do want to return to a simpler existence. My computer at work keeps tricking the project upon which I show my students the information. The projector keeps turning off! I can't have that happen! My tablet no longer works, allowing me to keep connected during my lunch break, so I had to get rid of it. My phone isn't any help to me other than receiving or making a phone call, or sending a text, because I have limited data. But you know what? I'm growing to like the minimal use of my devices. I'm reading more again, I'm writing more again (my ice is melting!) but I still stay connected to beloved friends like you.

Oh dearest zuster, enjoy this one wonderful and special life you have. Much love.