The new Year is now one week old..
                                     I am trying to settle in..
                                          There was a storm..in the middle of the night !
    There was water...and more water..typical dutch weather..and still the water is rising..
                                  A Icy wind chases  people into there homes..
                                                    Its winter in Holland..
                               How are you doing in your little corner of the world..



Mapi said...

Ja wel mooi maar ook verraderlijk, vooral voor de dieren ...

^.^ said...

Happy Monday, friend D ... Love, cat.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest, good morning! IIIIIIIIT'S Tuesday already, and I had come by yesterday, but my Monday morning was rolling fast before me, and I had to rush off to work.

You are so right; the new year is already one week old and here we are, continuing on with the ebb and flow of the waters of life. Whether they come in the form of a gentle rain or an onslaught of ice or snow, we are yet again riding on the waves of life. You should see some of the photos I saw of our former city, Boston, Massachusetts. There are some neighborhoods that got flooded by the OCEAN water rising and rushing through the streets, where the water FROZE and also froze some parked cars in the water. It was a surreal scene to see.

May these icy times melt into glorious paradises for us to once again PLAY.