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                       I had the privilege to wander trough fields of wildflowers

..being able to pick as many as I wanted..

but there is no flower more special..
when it is picked just for you..
by your granddaughter.
Then...when given
my heart skips a beat..
There is much hope in these little flowers..
so much love !

Look ...

...this could be something like your heart
in a vase..


Mapi said...

Wat een lief bericht !!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Poetry. My Dutchess is back.

My Dutchess is back, not as a little mouse (who I miss greatly)

but she is back with two heartbeats. One is her own,

the other of a field of flowers that she's sowed in all the love,

all the time invested, and that's grown to be a patch of little hands

that pick flowers, little hands that will grow

to yet again sow seeds of the most abundant resource in creation.

You are special.

^.^ said...

Nice to have you back, friend D ... Love, cat.