Dearest..I'm Home..!

Back at my Birds-nest

Spring came in such a hurry and in such abundance that it changed its flowery dress into a summer gown in less than a second..I think it was overwhelmed by its beauty and didn't know what to do with it..changing its outfit from Spring to Summer was the best idea to come up with..!

The last four weeks I traveled in a time machine..to see again the landscapes rolling by...another year..another Spring....Was it the same road we were driving..Yes..but WAS it the same road we were driving..no....Its like the game-find the differences- they are subtle but they ARE there...

This Summer, now in its early beginnings..will be different from any other before..
Once we lived in a state of childlike simplicity..naivety maybe..And if you can recall, a summer when we were young was everlasting.....

Now this is my wish for you..on this first day of blog..I wish you a wonderful Summer...and I will do my best to create some magic here...where you can always find me..The Dutchess in her Summer dress....xoxo



Mapi said...

Oh wat fijn je bent weer thuis !!! xxx

Love as Always

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Oh I am so, so happy to see you HERE!!!!!!!

Talk about time rolling by; it was an enchanting weekend, and a 3-day one due to our Memorial Day holiday on Monday. I had to keep reminding myself last night that I have to go to school this morning! We have one more week left, then it's summer, AGAIN, for me....

How your words ring so true for me here too, dearest. When the seasons change, I too find myself in a time machine, as I travel the meandering mazes of me imagination, here at home.

How marvelous it must be however, for you, as you travel the landscapes of Europe. We too took a wild ride directly from winter to a brief moment of spring's blush to a harsh HALT to hot summer weather. But the colors of spring are still here to remind us of the "child-like simplicity" of being enchanted once again.

Oh how pleased I am to hear you are home and returning back to your nest. May new ideas hatch there as you give your heart to that inner calling, as you share with us, your friends, the everlasting spring within you.


^.^ said...

Welcome back, friend D ... Love, cat.

Marqueta (Mar-kee-ta) G. said...

Dear Dutchess,
Spring seems to have left us here, as well! Summer's heat is full-on already. May you have a wonderful summer!